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Our Partnership with Magdalene’s House

Monument To Women Veterans is partnering with Magdalene’s House, an organization that works to help women who have suffered abuse, trafficking, and addiction. Through sisterhood, support, and faith, Magdalene’s House is assisting women to overcome trauma and rehabilitate.

Jun 28, 2021

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We are excited to be partnering with Magdalene’s House in Gulf Breeze, Florida. They are an incredible nonprofit that works to help women survivors of trafficking, abuse, and addiction. Let’s take a look at the services and support this organization offers to women today.

What is Magdalene’s House?

Based in Florida, Magdalene’s House is a nonprofit organization aiming to help women survivors of abuse, trafficking, and addiction through Christian-based educational, therapeutic, vocational, and rehabilitative programming. Their mission is to love and serve all women as they are on their journey of healing. After witnessing some of the terrible incidents occurring in Florida, they began to realize that Interstate 10 in their local community was a central corridor for human trafficking. Florida is the number three state in the US for human trafficking, with over 70% of these cases involving sex trafficking.
At Magdalene’s House, they understand that human trafficking causes grief and impacts a woman’s mind, spirit, and body. This trauma often leads to substance abuse or relapses, and there is limited support available on both a local and national level for these victims. Magdalene’s House aims to provide long-term care for women rescued in the local area, which they know there is not enough of currently.

The Values of Magdalene’s House

Magdalene’s House is a sisterhood of women who work together to share their stories and blessings and spread love to other women. Their team grieves the activities occurring in their local area and believes that Jesus Christ can offer healing and bring light to this darkness. In addition, they provide a long-term residential treatment facility for adult victims of these horrific incidents and welcome anyone who requires their services and support to facilitate their recovery.

A Three-Phase Program

Magdalene’s House follows a three-phase program to help support women through their journey. The first stage is recovery, where they work to recover from abuse and addiction physically. To begin the deep healing that the victims require, the second stage of restoration is based on trauma-informed care. Finally, the renewal stage encourages women to regain their independence and begin living life on their own terms once again.

Magdalene’s Gifts and Gatherings

Magdalene’s Gifts and Gatherings is located on 3268 Fordham Parkway, Gulf Breeze, and works to support the mission through the sales of artisan-designed products. They work to bring together the gifts and talents of women and welcome everyone to this gathering place for women. Anyone is welcome to drop by, so the next time you are in the local area, make sure you stop by this wonderful community center.

As you can see, Magdalene’s House is doing incredible work for the local community. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with this organization and help to spread the word about the support they offer to local women. Thanks to their three-phase program, they are helping women to heal from these traumatic events, increase their independence, and offer them support during one of the most challenging times of their lives.

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Our Partnership with Magdalene’s House