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Career Paths For Veterans After They Serve

Returning to civilian life for veterans after they serve can be stressful, especially taking on the task of job hunting. The upside is that there are several industries veterans have transferable skills in. The National Training Center for Veterans in Construction will be la

Jul 19, 2021

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After leaving the military, many veterans find it challenging to know how to apply their skills and knowledge to a new career path. The great news is that there are many opportunities available to veterans today. Most organizations know how lucky they are to employ hard-working veterans and have shown years of dedication to serving our country. Keep reading to learn more about the career paths available to veterans after they serve.

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The healthcare industry covers a wide range of professions and is one of the most popular career paths for veterans. Examples of job roles within healthcare include hospital operations, nursing, research, or administration. Regardless of your previous career specialization, there is an opportunity for you to apply your skills within the healthcare industry upon leaving the military.

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IT Job Roles

With the world becoming increasingly reliant on technology today, the number of IT jobs available to veterans increases year after year. IT jobs generally offer very competitive salaries. If you worked within this field in the military, you’ll likely already hold many of the skills needed for this industry. Popular job roles and career paths you could consider include data analysis, cybersecurity, and project management.

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If you already acquired a college degree before entering the military or are willing to go back to school now, the education sector is ideal for anyone who enjoys helping others. When you think of education, you likely think of teaching in a school. Still, you’ll find a wide range of other options available in higher education today. You can inspire students every day with your knowledge and experience from the military during your lessons.

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Law Enforcement

For many veterans, law enforcement seems an obvious career path following their military career. The skills you’ve gained in the military are transferable to almost any job within law enforcement. You could opt to train as a police officer or corrections officer in the future.

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Many veterans aren’t looking to take on a full-time job upon leaving the military, and that’s perfectly understandable. If you are looking for a part-time or flexible job role, retail is a popular option with veterans. You’ll enjoy spending more time with your family while still keeping yourself busy a few days a week. Retail roles don’t just involve customer service. Instead, you could look for a logistics or warehouse role if you would like something that’s more aligned with your previous work.

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Upon leaving the military, many veterans find they miss the physical demands of their previous job roles. Monument to Women Veterans and The Center for Strategic Military Excellence will be establishing a training center in Pensacola, FL, for veterans and military members returning to civilian life.

At the National Construction Training Center for Veterans, retired military members will be trained on careers focused within the construction field. Some of the services provided through this training center include classes, training, and on-the-job knowledge of construction and assistance in finding and securing construction jobs throughout the country.

Additionally, the CSME/MWV National Training Center will offer career assistance to veterans with physical disabilities or those who have PTSD or other trauma. Thanks to the wide range of resources and job placements provided, you’ll be well equipped to enter this industry, where workers are always in high demand. You can learn more about the establishment and launch of the National Training Center for Veterans in Construction here.

These are just a few of the top career paths for veterans after they serve. No matter where your career took you in the military, you’ll find that you will be a welcomed and valued employee in any organization today.

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